congress 2022

Dear ESTA-members!

In 2022 the ESTA will be celebrating its 50-year anniversary and the Austria-section is delighted to host the 50th ESTA-conference (after its conception in 1972) here in Graz.

One of the most essential motives of the foundress, Mrs. em. o. Univ. Prof. Marianne KROEMER was – in times of communication exclusively by mail and telephone – enabling personal acquaintance and periodic meetings in order to further the mutual exchange of experience among the String-pedagogues of all levels. For this purpose she initiated the already then annual ESTA-conferences, each taking place in a different member country. The 50. (anniversary-) conference will now bring us together at the decades-long place of activity of our foundress Marianne KROEMER in Graz.

Even today, she is still assisting us in the preparation of this conference and so we will be able to experience – thanks to the thoughtful and energetic organization of her successor at the University of Arts Graz, and present ESTA-Austria-board member, o. Univ. Prof. Anke SCHITTENHELM – the broad palette of Marianne KROEMERs longtime and successful work. Above and beyond that, she has presented us with a chance of her attendance at this anniversary event – truly a special honor for the ESTA (!).

The topic of the conference „PROMOTING YOUNG TALENT AT THE INTERFACE WITH PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION“, with emphasis on Early Learning, Broad Promotion and Inclusion, Vocational Education and Training, etc., promises to highlight interesting aspects in tackling the „troubles of the plains“ on the journey from Beginner to professional artist and open up space for stimulating conversations and discussions. The ESTA-Austria is already happily looking forward to your contributions concerning these topics, which I cordially invite you to apply via our website until the 15th of November 2021.

The framework program also promises a number of treats: spanning from concerts of the ESTA-chamber orchestra (a special thanks to Prof. Werner SCHMITT!) and the Styrian Youth Symphonic Orchestra (including laureates of the International ESTA Concerto Competition taking place shortly before), to a reception by the mayor of Graz in the historic city hall and even an excursion into the „Styrian Tuscany“ ...

Finally I would like to direct your attention to the anniversary exhibition „50 years ESTA“, which was created in cooperation with ESTA-Germany and co-financed by ESTA-International under the leadership of Anke SCHITTENHELM together with the University Archive of the University of Arts Graz. Due to Covid you will be able to visit it online, on this homepage, and get an impression of the history of ESTA under its numerous prominent presidents.

Following two digital conferences, ESTA-Austria is happy to be able to once again organize a personal encounter, in line with the intentions of the foundress Marianne KROEMER, from the 9th until the 14th of April 2022. At this point, we would like to express our special thanks to the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG), which generously supports us with its excellent infrastructure, both in terms of space and personnel. In order to be prepared for any pandemic-related contingencies, this anniversary conference will also include a digital component, the details of which are still being fleshed out; for this we give our sincere thanks to the ESTA-sections Portugal (2020) and Great Britain (2021) for their exemplary work in previous years.

I hope, that this small preview has awakened in all of you the desire for more, and that we will see each other again as speakers, listeners, discussants, exhibitors, organizers, etc. from the 9th of April until the 14th of April 2022 at the 50th ESTA-conference in Graz!

Until then, I remain with heartfelt regards and in the name of the board of ESTA-Austria,

Wolfgang KLOS
o.Univ.Prof. for viola at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna
President of ESTA-Austria

Concerto Competition

ESTA Austria has announced a Concerto Competition for the 50 year anniversary, with help from the ESTA Foundation. The competition is open to young violinists and cellists aged 16-19 (the cut-off is the 15th of January 2022). The winners of both instruments will be allowed to perform as soloists with the Styrian Youth Symphony Orchestra at the final concert of the International ESTA Congress on the 14th of April 2022. The same concert will be performed the evening before in Ljubljana/Slovenia, where the rehearsal phase will take place.
The two selected pieces for the competition are the concerts of Saint-Saens for Violin Nr.3, B-minor op.61 and for Violoncello Nr.1 op.33.

The first round will take place by video submission. The 3rd movement of each concerto is requested. In January it will then be decided who will be allowed to perform in the final round on the 8th/9th of April 2022 in Graz. The entire concerto will be requested for the final round.

Please upload your application video on YouTube and forward

  • the link,
  • your Name
  • and your birthday
to by the 15th of January 2022.

jury chair

Anke Schittenhelm


Thomas Platzgummer

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